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The ASKA clone set is an ORFeome collection for E. coli K-12[1]. ORFs were amplified by PCR and cloned between SfiI restriction sites. The ASKA plasmids use a high copy number plasmid vector, and have

  • IPTG-inducible expression of the cloned ORF controlled by a copy of lacIq on the plasmid
  • N-terminal Histidine tag
  • in-frame C-terminal fusion to GFP

The ASKA set has been used for a wide variety of genomics applications, including complementation, protein interaction screens[2], localization studies, and overexpression phenotypes.


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  1. Kitagawa, M et al. (2005) Complete set of ORF clones of Escherichia coli ASKA library (a complete set of E. coli K-12 ORF archive): unique resources for biological research. DNA Res. 12 291-9 PubMed
  2. Arifuzzaman, M et al. (2006) Large-scale identification of protein-protein interaction of Escherichia coli K-12. Genome Res. 16 686-91 PubMed

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