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rpoS396(Am) rph-1








Strain W1485 is a UV treated isolate and selected on blood agar plates


PMID:17247421[1] PMID:8501045[2] PMID:4568763[3]



W1485 was derived from E. coli K-12 (λ+) F+ [wild-type] after UV treatment and selection on blood agar plates[4]. W1485 has been cured of phage lambda but is still F+. W1485 also carries the rph-1 mutation.[5] W1485 is the immediate parent of MG1655, W3110, and W4185E.[4]

W1485 does not contain a suppressor mutation as was described in Bachmann's 1972 review of E. coli pedigrees.[3]. In her 1996 review[4], she reported that the strain distributed by the Yanofsky lab as "W1485" does carry a suppressor mutation (supE42 = glnV42) and also carries one copy of the γδ insertion sequence. This strain, which was inadvertently used by a number of laboratories under the name W1485, has been renamed W1485E (CGSC).

Visick and Clarke[6] reported that an isolate of W1485 that they obtained from R. Maurer (RM4606) contains the rpoS936(Am) allele, which changes codon 33 from CAG to TAG. It is not known whether this mutation is present in the stock of W1485 at the [Coli Genetics Stock Center]. MG1655 has a CAG codon, W3110 has xx


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