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The Simons Lab at UCLA developed these vectors for the construction of operon and protein fusions to the E.coli lacZ gene and for analysis of the expression of IS10's transposase gene. The vectors allow for easy detection and accurate quantitation of very weak transcriptional and translational signals due to low levels of background lac gene expression. The vectors' single or multicopy constructs can also be used to select mutations that affect fusion expression. Single-copy constructs also have the ability to be crossed genetically back onto multicopy plasmids. For inofmration on the paper published by Simons, Houman and Kleckner, see PMID:3596251

Complete descriptions of vector constructions, sequences, and restriction maps can be obtained from R.W. Simons at

Department of Microbiology
5304 Life Sciences
University of California
Los Angeles, CA 90024

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