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Standard Name


Gene Synonym(s)

ECK1232, b1237, JW1225, bglY, cur, drc, drdX, drs, irk, mssyA, msyA, osmZ, pilG, topX, virR, hnsA, topS, B1, H1[1], fimG, H1, verA

Product Desc.

H-NS transcriptional dual regulator[2][3]

DNA-binding global regulator H-NS; diverse mutant phenotypes affecting transcription, transposition, inversion, cryptic-gene expression; involved in chromosome organization; preferentially binds bent DNA; has N-terminal dimerization domain[4]

Product Synonyms(s)

global DNA-binding transcriptional dual regulator H-NS[1], B1237[2][1], Irk[2][1], MsyA[2][1], PilG[2][1], TopS[2][1], TopX[2][1], VirR[2][1], Drs[2][1], Drc[2][1], Cur[2][1], Hns[2][1], DrdX[2][1], BglY[2][1], HnsA[2][1], DNA-binding protein HLP-II (HU, BH2, HD, NS); pleiotropic regulator[2][1], OsmZ[2][1], DNA-binding protein HLP-II (HU, BH2, HD, NS)[3][1] , B1, bglY, cur, drc, drdX, drs, ECK1232, fimG, H1, hnsA, irk, JW1225, msyA, osmZ, pilG, topS, topX, verA, virR, b1237

Function from GO

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Knock-Out Phenotype

transcription unit(s): hns[2], OP00190

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HN-S forms heteromeric complexes with Hha and Cnu, which modulates HN-S function, expression and stability. Mutations affect chromosomal supercoiling. HT_Cmplx32_Mem: CspC+Hns+HupA.[4]


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