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EcoliWiki strives to make all E. coli data available, in the long run. We are working on putting the data from many papers into our genome browser, available here. This category might be called "Papers we want to put into Gbrowse" instead. For more information, see each paper's page.

To add papers to this list, add the tag:

Category:Papers with tracks in Gbrowse

If you would like to see your data as a viewable track in Gbrowse, feel free to contact us at

To access datasets:

  • Select desired dataset(s) by clicking on checkboxes in the table below, or the "Check all" box at the top of the table.
    • You can filter the table entries first by typing a keyword in the search box below.
  • Once you have selected at least one dataset, buttons will appear to allow you to view the data in the context of the relevant genome assembly. Just click on one of these buttons.



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