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Standard Name


Gene Synonym(s)

ECK4137, b4143, JW4103, groEL, mopB, groE, hdh, mopA, tabB[1][2]

Product Desc.

GroEL, chaperone Hsp60, peptide-dependent ATPase, heat shock protein[2][3];

Component of GroEL-GroES Chaperonin-CPLX[3]

Chaperonin Cpn60; phage morphogenesis; GroESL large subunit GroEL, weak ATPase; binds Ap4A[4]

Product Synonyms(s)

Cpn60 chaperonin GroEL, large subunit of GroESL[1], B4143[2][1], Hdh[2][1], TabB[2][1], GroL[2][1], MopA[2][1], GroEL[2][1] , ECK4137, groEL, JW4103, mopA, b4143

Function from GO

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Knock-Out Phenotype

transcription unit(s): groS[2], groS, groES

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groL is an essential gene. GroEL binds and regulates rpoH. Cells deficient in GroEL and GroES lyse due to inability to produce cell wall as a result of the reduced level of DapA, the first enzyme in the DAP synthesis pathway. Growth below 8C is impaired due to GroESL inactivation and can be rescued by transgenic Oleispira antarctica Cpn10/60. Overproduction of GroESL can supress tig/dnaK synthetic lethality at 30 degrees C.[4]


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