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Welcome to EcoliWiki,

EcoliHub's subsystem for community annotation.
Our goal for EcoliWiki is to generate community-based pages about
everything related to E. coli K-12, its phages, plasmids, and
mobile genetic elements. Yes, we mean the long run.

Get Started

Find information within EcoliWiki by using the Search box to the left. Just enter your favorite E. coli gene or gene product. You can also browse our categories if you want to see what's here. Some sample queries are listed below, and you can always read more about searching on our Help pages.



How to Contribute

EcoliWiki is for everyone. There are lots of ways you can help us make EcoliWiki better:

EcoliWiki members can use EcoliWiki in ways that are not available to unregistered users. Read more about user accounts at EcoliWiki membership. Or just email the EcoliWiki Team at if you have more questions!

What's New


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