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About Microbes Online

Microbes Online is a database that describes the potential functions of genes. It has comparative studies on over 300 prokaryotic genomes.


MicrobesOnline[1] describes several features of genes: the potential functions, the evolutionary history, gene expxression data as well as enzyme classification and the gene ontology. Further, operon and regulon predictions with KEGG metabolic pathway information is integrated into the database.

Using Microbes Online



Searching for a gene can be done by entering the name of the gene in the search box. The gene can be searched in multiple genomes. The genomes are selected by adding them to the genome selected box.

In the search results, there will be headings of the following: Gene info, operon and regulon, domains, homologs, sequences, tree browser and a genome browser. If available, COG, InterPro and GO information will follow.

Genes of interested can be added to the shopping cart.

Usage examples

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  1. Alm, EJ et al. (2005) The MicrobesOnline Web site for comparative genomics. Genome Res. 15 1015-22 PubMed

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