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International Rice Information System "A Platform for Meta-Analysis of Rice Crop Data"


Plant Pathology: American Society of Plant Biologist

Christopher Graham McLaren,* Richard M. Bruskiewich, Arllet M. Portugal, and Alexander B. Cosico


Created: Plant Physiol. 2005 October; 139(2): 637–642.

Last Updated: 2013 June 19; 10:45AM EST

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Ambiguous germplasm identification; difficulty in tracing pedigree information; and lack of integration between genetic resources, characterization, breeding, evaluation, and utilization data are constraints in developing knowledge-intensive crop improvement programs. To address these constraints, the International Crop Information System (, a database system for the management and integration of global information on genetic resources and crop improvement for any crop, was developed by genetic resource specialists, crop scientists, and information technicians associated with the Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research and collaborative partners. The International Rice Information System ( is the rice (Oryza species) implementation of the International Crop Information System. New components are now being added to the International Rice Information System to handle the diversity of rice functional genomics data including genomic sequence data, molecular genetic data, expression data, and proteomic information. Users access information in the database through stand-alone programs and Web interfaces, which offer specialized applications and customized views to researchers with different interests.

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