Hi-Control(tm) BL21(DE3)

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Alternate Names


Lucigen Corporation

Chromosomal Genotype

ompT gal dcm hsdSB(rB- mB-) (DE3)


Mini-F lacIq1(Gentr)





  • The HI-Control BL21(DE3) cells contain a single-copy BAC plasmid harboring a specially engineered version of the lacIq1 repressor allele. The lacIq1 allele expresses ~170-fold more lac repressor protein than the wild-type lacI gene.
  • The increased pool of lac repressor in HI-Control BL21(DE3) cells maintains tight control over the expression of T7 RNA polymerase from the lacUV5 promoter, reducing leaky expression of genes cloned under a T7 promoter.
  • an E. coli B strain with DE3, a λ prophage carrying the T7 RNA polymerase gene and lacIq
  • Transformed plasmids containing T7 promoter driven expression are repressed until IPTG induction of T7 RNA polymerase from a lac promoter.


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