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Adding strains using the geneology tree format

  • Make a category page for Strain:YFS
  • Make a page for Strain:YFS that redirects to Category:Strain:YFS
    • #redirect [[:Category:Strain:YFS]]
    • to edit the redirect page add ?redirect=no to the URL

Alternate Names

Alternate Names is just that. Enter any other known names for the strain here.

Chromosomal Genotype

Here is where the Chromosomal Genotype would be entered


Any plasmids in the strain can be listed here. If the plasmid has a page in EcoliWiki, you can create a link to it by entering the following: [[Plasmid Page Name]] where Plasmid Page Name is the name of the page. For example, if this strain had pACYC177 in it, you would type [[pACYC177]].

If you want to create a page for a new plasmid, start by clicking on the Create new page link in the sidebar. This will take you to the Page Generator, which is a tool for creating new pages that already formatted. Scroll down to find the Plasmid page generator, enter the name of the plasmid, and click on the Create button.


Phage can be included in the wiki. As in the plasmids above, the phage can be typed or directly linked to the EcoliWiki page by using the [[Page name]] notation.


The Phenotype of the strain can be entered here.


If you know how the strain was constructed, you can enter it here.


This section is for any additional information about the strain that doesn't fit into the above categories.


See Help:References for how to manage references in EcoliWiki.