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links that appear when you are logged in

The wiki automatically creates links for every registered user, of the form User:Username. A set of links is visible on the upper right of every view; the one with your username links to your user page. Just like other pages in the wiki, this link is red if the page has not been created yet and blue if it already exists.

Use your user page for your public profile

You can put anything you want on your user page (and because EcoliWiki is a wiki, others can edit your user page too). The EcoliHub community colleague search looks at the text in user pages to find people with matching keywords, so it is useful to put information about your research interests on your user page.

In addition to text, there are several ways you can modify your User page. These can make your User page an alternative to a personal homepage.

Information for the community search page

Information on the User information table in your User page overrides the default information used in the EcoliHub colleague search. If your user page does not have one of these tables, you can add it by creating a new table with Template:User_info_table.

Images and Videos

  • You can upload or photos, drawings and embed them in your page. See Help:Images for details.
  • You can embed videos from YouTube or Google video. See Help:Video for details.

RSS feeds

RSS is a mechanism to acquire content from different sources on the Internet and display it in a web page. EcoliWiki allows you to embed RSS feeds from websites that provide RSS using the following markup


For example


is how EcoliWiki pulls the latest news from the EcoliHub project blog and displays it on the homepage. See See Help:RSS for details and examples of sources of RSS feeds.

Reference lists

If it doesn't already have one, you can add a references section to your User page as described in Help:References, taking advantage of how EcoliWiki will use PubMed IDs to fetch information from PubMed automatically and create separate wiki pages for each publication. You can use this to keep a list of papers you want to read, your own publications, or whatever you want.

Subpages for your User Page

You can organize a set of wiki pages like a personal website by creating subpages in the wiki. To make a subpage, add the subpage title after a /, like this:


Adding yourself to Categories

Like any other wiki page, you can add your personal User page to Categories. You can use some of our predefined Categories, such as [[Category:Users who can help you get an account]] (assuming you are willing to help others get an account). Or you can make up your own, such as a Category for your institution or for members of your lab.