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At a Glance


Sometimes it's useful to know how a plasmid was constructed. If you know the history of a plasmid you can enter it in this section.


Enter information about where the plasmid can be obtained.


If the plasmid sequence is in an online database, such as GenBank, list the accession here. You can create a link to the page by typing: [http://URL NameForTheLink].

For example: typing [ Cloning vector pBR322 complete sequence] creates a link to the pBR322 sequence in GenBank.

If the plasmid sequence is not available online and you have the sequence, you can enter it here or upload a text file with the sequence.


Plasmid images can be uploaded onto EcoliWiki. See Help:Images for help on how to do this.


See Help:References for how to manage references in EcoliWiki.