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This manual was compiled by Dr. L. Dangott, Protein Chemistry Laboratory Texas A&M University.

DIGE Training Workshop January 2009 at Texas A&M

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DIGE Training Manual

Media:Chapter_1.pdf - Protein Extraction and Estimation

Media:Chapter_2.pdf - Protein Concentrating Techniques

Media:Chapter_3.pdf - DIGE Labeling

Media:Chapter_4.pdf - IEF Gels

Media:DIGE Chapter 5.pdf - SDS-PAGE & 2 Dimensional Gels

Media:Chapter_5_2DGels.pdf - 2 Dimensional Gels

Media:DIGE Recipe for Chapter 5.pdf - Recipe for SDS-PAGE Gel

Media:Chapter6Part1.pdf - Typhoon Trio Imaging (Part 1)

File:Chapter6Part2.doc - Typhoon Trio Imaging (Part 2)

Media:Chapter6Part3.pdf - Typhoon Trio Imaging (Part 3)

Media:Chapter7Part1.pdf - Computer Analysis of DIGE Gels (Part 1)

Media:Chapter7Part2.pdf - Computer Analysis of DIGE Gels (Part 2)

Media:Chapter7Part3.pdf - Computer Analysis of DIGE Gels (Part 3)

Media:Chapter7Part4.pdf - Computer Analysis of DIGE Gels (Part 4)

Media:Chapter_8_Staining.pdf - Fluorescent Protein Detection