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Alternate Names

BJ5183 is a component of Strategene's AdEasy system for construction of Adenovirus vectors.


Chromosomal Genotype

This genotype is inferred from the description in Takahashi et al. [1] as:

recB recC sbcB sbcC endA galK met thi-1 bioT hsdR rpsL(strR)

The nature of bioT is unclear, as this is not a listed synonym for any annotated E. coli gene.


not specified


not specified



unknown parents.


BJ5183 is a recBC sbc strain used for doing homologous recombination with linear dsDNA fragments. It has been used for construction of gene therapy vectors[2] and combining HSV-1 cosmids[3]. The strain originates with D. Hanahan, but it's construction is not well documented. The recombination properties of BJ5183 have been examined by Takahashi et al. [1].


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