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pagelist.php allows you to query EcoliWiki for lists of pages matching a pattern or that are in a category. Example:


parameters recognized by pagelist.php

  • like: a search string with mySQL wildcards allowed. For example, to find
  • cat: name of a category where you want to find members
  • catdesc: if a category is set, show all the descendants. Use false to see only direct descendants. Defaults to true
  • style: default is to show links. Use short to just see the names
  • output: default is to display in the browser. Use file to download the results as a text file

Other kinds of queries can be done using the standard Mediawiki API.

Usage examples

find pages that start with "lac"

returns many pages, including all the individual pages for each lac gene and pages about the lac promoter and various lac deletions.

find pages for lac genes
find all pages in any E. coli gene list

This query is based on the Category:E. coli genomes. It finds all the child pages and descendants of those pages. The results include gene pages and other pages, including subcategory pages.

view just the direct descendants of Category:Gene_Lists


The lists you get are limited by the quality of what we have in the wiki. Known issues:

  • Gene lists need updating
  • Some category tags are on inappropriate pages

Please let us know if you find problems please let us know by emailing us at [1]. If you think you can fix the wiki content, please go ahead and do it (it's a wiki and others can undo anything bad. You will need to be a registered user to edit).