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Textpresso[1] is a text mining tool created by Hans-Michael Muller, Eimear Kenny and Paul W. Sternberg. The Textpresso website has

  • links to textpresso installations for various organisms and focus areas
  • downloads of the code
  • links to publications


There are currently four publicly accessible Textpresso installations for E. coli

These are not identical - the degreee of overlapping vs. unique papers in each corpus is not known, and the different installations have been customized to different extents.


Textpresso installations generally require two components:

  • Textpresso - the engine to search tokenized files
  • Alere - scripts to build the searchable literature corpus

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  1. Müller, HM et al. (2004) Textpresso: an ontology-based information retrieval and extraction system for biological literature. PLoS Biol. 2 e309 PubMed