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Genome information about T4-like bacteriophage


Jim Nolan Georgia Gwinnett College

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About T4-like genome database

T4-like genome database is a site with genome browsers for the annotated genomes of a set of T4-like bacteriophage sequenced at Tulane and elsewhere. The website moved from Tulane to Georgia Gwinnett College.


Genome data and GBrowse-based browsers for T4 family members Bacteriophage RB14, RB32, Acinetobacter phage 133, Aeromonas phage 25, Aeromonas phage 65, Vibrio phage nt-1, bacteriophage phi-1, RB16, RB43, Phage 31, 44RR2.8t, Aeh1, RB49, RB69, T4, P-SSM2, P-SSM4, S-PM2, KVP40. There is also a local BLAST for T4-like phage genomes and a forum for discussion of phage biology and genomics.

Using T4-like genome database


The home page lists each of the phage genomes covered and links to their GBrowse pages, a more classic but noninteractive graphical map, FASTA files for proteins, RNAs, and genomes, and links to the NCBI browser and Genbank pages. Clicking on a gene in the browser brings up a summary page that has much more than the standard GBrowse data page. The data for each gene includes the DNA and protein sequences, statistics about the protein, a popup alignment viewer, and a White-Wimley hydropathy plot.

Tracks in the browser include BLAST hits to the other covered genomes. Clicking on these takes you to the browser for the other phage.


Searching is via the GBrowse search box

Usage examples

Other sites with related content


GBrowse plus analysis packages used to generate annotation tracks.

Web Services/API

GBrowse includes a Moby interface. Not documented whether it works on this site.



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T4-like genome database URL: http://phage.bioc.tulane.edu

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