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We encourage users to use EcoliWiki in education by letting students edit content in the wiki. Remember, since all revisions are saved and we keep backups, it should be safe for you to turn the students loose on the wiki.

Creating and managing student accounts

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List of users whose access you can control. This is the view seen by sysops; you may see fewer options

Registered users can create new accounts on EcoliWiki, and instructors can create accounts for students and make them student accounts. The only difference is that students can't create new users - this is to prevent students from creating sock puppets that could be used to post inappropriate material.

Here's how to make accounts and restrict them as students:

  • Go to Login/Create account to create accounts. Enter a username, email address, and real name and click "create by email". This will send an email to the student with a link they can click to activate their account.
  • Go to Special:UserRightsList you should see a list of users you created
  • Select the checkbox for student on the relevant accounts
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page to save the status changes

This method of creating accounts can be impractical for large classes. Contact us at about bulk account creation. We will need a text file with info needed

Keeping track of what your students have been doing

Markup for using the UserRecent extension to view the pages edited by a list of users
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How the extension lists user edits for your list

Once you have students (whether or not their accounts are tagged as student), you can keep track of what they've edited, using the UserRecent extension. Make a page for tracking your class activity, and use the markup as shown in the figure to display what pages have been edited by users on your list. If you don't like what they've put in the wiki, you can edit it.