Membrane Protein Data Bank (MPDB)

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Membrane Protein Data Bank (MPDB)


A database for membrane proteins


Martin Caffrey

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About Membrane Protein Data Bank (MPDB)

The Membrane Protein Data Bank or MPDB is a publicly available database that contains structural information on integral, peripheral and anchored membrane proteins as well as peptides. The data included comes from the Protein Database, as well as literature and other databases.


The MPDB contains structural information relating to membrane proteins and peptides. The structures in the database are based on X-ray and electron diffraction, nuclear magnetic resonance and cryo-electron microscopy.

Using Membrane Protein Data Bank (MPDB)



The MPDB provides better searching then the PDB. Searching in the MPDB allowed for more flexibility and discriminiating query. Under the main searchpage, there are some standard searches. Due to its limited size, the curators of the database have implemented pull-down menu for searching by author. Additionally, there is a pull-down menu for co-crystalants, crystallization method, position in membrane, technique, expression system, family, function, jouranl, name and other conditions.

For a more customized search, the user can select Customized Search from the main Search area.

Usage examples

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Raman, P., Cherezov, V., Caffrey, M. 2006. The Membrane Protein Data Bank. Cell Mol. Life Sci. 63: 36-51 PDF

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