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The Product Interactions Table contains information about where the gene product is located in the cell. The user can add or edit information by editing the table. A picture of the table is below. For either adding data or editing data already in the table, click on the Edit Table link at the bottom of the table.

The Compartment heading has a pull-down menu that contains the following choices: Cytosol, Nucleoid, Pole, Septum, Periplasm, Inner membrane, Outer membrane, Extracellular, and Other. If you choose Other, please make a suggestion for another compartment type to add to the list. You can make your suggestion in the Notes section or send an email to

Product localization.jpg

Editing and Entering Information

Editing and Entering Information into the tables is relatively simple. Below, we walk you through adding new data or editing data already there.

1. Click the Edit Table link.
Tablehelp 1.jpg

2. Adding a row or editing existing data
You can edit existing data by clicking edit next to the row of data you would like to change.
You can also add new information by clicking add row. This will generate editable boxes for adding information.
Tablehelp 2.jpg

3. Add your information
You can choose to protect the data entered if you don't wish anyone else (except the SubtilisWiki Team) to modify it.Use the pull-down menu to select either public or private.
After entering the information, click on the Save button at the bottom of the table
Tablehelp 3.jpg

4. Save your new edits by clicking Save Table to wiki page: ...'
Tablehelp 4.jpg

5. This is how your updated table will look.
Tablehelp 5.jpg


Please note that data marked protected has been added by Wiki scripts and cannot be edited. However, if you consider something to be wrong or needing to be changed, we encourage you to make your voice heard by editing the table or writing in the section marked Notes below the table. Content that has been added by the community can be edited.

The EcoliWiki Team thanks you for your contribution!]