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***Don't forget that you must be signed in to edit or add information to EcoliWiki***

How do I add information about my paper to EcoliWiki

Type the last name of an author into the search box on the left and click "Go". You will be given a list of papers in EcoliWiki from that author. If the paper is not in EcoliWiki, see "I can't find my paper" below. If it is present, click on the paper you are interested in. As long as you are signed in to EcoliWiki, you will be offered "Edit" buttons on the right-hand side of your screen. Clicking on one of these "Edit" buttons will allow you to enter information about the significance, useful methods, links, etc. When you have finished adding information, click "Save page" and EcoliWiki will show your changes on the paper page.

What information should I add

That is really up to you!! Feel free to add information about the significance of your paper, a cool technique you used or developed, tricky things that you didn't know about your gene before you started, mutants that you made or plasmids that might be useful to other projects, an unexpected phenotype or complication you weren't aware of before and so on. You can also create methods pages or add information about a new Bioinformatics tool.

I can't find my paper

The corpus of literature pertaining to E. coli is always expanding and we may not have added your paper yet. If your search doesn't show your paper in the results, you may need to make the page using our automatic page generator. All you need to enter is the PubMed ID number (ie. PMID: 11111111), which the literature page generator will prompt you for. Click "Create" once you've entered the number and EcoliWiki will do the rest. Feel free to edit and add information about your paper.