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Literature pages on EcoliWiki are based on a page template with the following sections:


Why do you think this paper is useful? For example, does it describe a significant finding in the field? does it contain useful methods?

Useful Materials and Methods

Strains, plasmids, antibodies, assays, and other useful resources are sometimes difficult to find using standard searches with PubMed, Medline, or Google. Listing such resources in this section and adding comments on resources you or other members of your lab have used should make it easier for other researchers to find these tools in the future.


If this paper was cited as evidence for a Gene Ontology (GO) annotation, you can add that information here. A sample table is shown.


EcoliWiki Links

This section is for adding links to other EcoliWiki pages that you think should cite this paper, e.g. gene, gene product, or method pages.


See Help:References for how to manage references in EcoliWiki.