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Using User Accounts

User account is a feature in GBrowse that allows a user to upload custom tracks with a variety of permissions.

Creating an account

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User account Login Location

In the top right corner of GBrowse, click the Log in/create account tab. This will open a box; click on the Register option and fill out the requested information. A verification email will be sent to the given email address. Click the given link to finalize your account sign-up.

Uploading a Custom Track

Before uploading a track, in drop-down Data Source tab, choose the correct organism that you wish your track to be displayed on. Next, click on the Custom Track tab.

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Custom Track location

Data can be uploaded as a variableStep Wig file. variableStep wig files start with a declaration line starting with the word variableStep and followed by a specification for a chromosome, and the span. Preceding the declaration line are the data lines, which consist of a position, tabbed space, and a data value. For more information on variableStep wiggle files, look here. For the file to be uploaded properly, the file name must end in .wig. Click [From a file] and browse for the location of the wanted file, then upload. The track name will reflect the name of the uploaded file. To view the track, return to the Browser tab.



There are four types of privacy settings available.

Private sharing is the most basic setting, it only allows the owner to use that track.

Casual sharing is a simple way to share your tracks with other users, by providing you with a sharing link that you can send to other users. If a user visits that link while they are logged in, it is added to their session. It is not, however, part of the community tracks repository, and users cannot find it without the link. Custom track owners can see who is currently using their track in the sharing section of their track's listing under the Custom Tracks tab, and remove any users who may have obtained the link accidentally. Group

Group sharing is a secure way for an owner to share a track with a specific user. Under the track's sharing section in the Custom Tracks tab, simply enter the username or user ID of any user you wish to share the file to and hit Enter. That user will have the track automatically added to their session so they can use it. Additionally, the track's owner can see who is part of the group of users the track is shared to, and can remove a user at any time. Users can also remove the track from their session by pressing the [X] link.

Public or community tracks are kept in a separate section of the site, under the Community Tracks tab. There you can search for a file by name, title, description, or by entering the username or ID of a specific user you wish to search for. Once you have found a track you wish to add to your session, you can click the [Add] link to add it. Community tracks may also be shared via a sharing link, which can be obtained by clicking the sharing icon on the track in the main browser tab.


The custom track can be edited just like any other track via its configuration [edit] tab. Here is a guide to some glyphs and other settings that can be used to customize the display of your track.

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[edit] tab location