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One of our goals is to gather data from the literature about the steady-state levels of gene products in E. coli. Each gene is associated with an expression page, and at the top of each expression page is an editable table where users can record information from the literature. Genes where a minimum level of information has been added to the table are listed in Category:Expression level data.

a cellular level table


Table fields

Editing the table


Molecule refers to what was measured. Options are:

  • Protein
  • Enzyme activity
  • RNA
  • other. If you select 'other', an extra text box will appear where you can enter the kind of molecule measured.

Organism or Strain

Cellular level

Some example values:

  • 20-40
  • ~35
  • 200 +/- 45
  • 440

This is paired with the Units column.


Chose from the pulldown menu.


Example values:

  • NZY (rich media, recipe described on page 7717)
  • M63 minimal glycerol medium
  • L broth
  • LB


Growth rate

Example values:

  • mid-exponential phase

Assay used

Chose from the pulldown menu.


Anything else of importance.


As with other EcoliWiki tables, putting a PubMed ID in the table will automatically be converted into a citation.

Finding information about expression levels in the literature


See Help:References for how to manage references in EcoliWiki.