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Name FHK12
Genotype F' lacIq lacZΔM15 proA+B+ ara Δ(lac-proAB) rpsL (ϕ80dlacZΔM15) attB::(ctx::lacZ) (source: Kolmar et al., 1995)
Phenotype ampicillin and streptomycin resistant
Sources LMBP 11202
References PMID:7664730


The ctx::lacZ fusion integrated at the attB site is tagged with the ampicillin resistance gene.
This FHK12 strain was constructed as follows:
First FHK11 was constructed from strain JM83 (Yanish-Perron et al., 1985) by chromosomal integration of the lacZ gene under control of the V. cholerae ctxAB promoter from plasmid pLDR10-ctx::lacZ at the phage λ attB site (Diederich et al., 1992).