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Enteropathogen Resource Integration Center

  • Nicole Perna
  • John Greene
  • Fred Blattner

  • SRA International
  • Genome Center of Wisconsin
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About ERIC

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ERIC is one of eight Bioinformatics Resource Centers (BRC) for Biodefense and Emerging/Re-Emerging Infectious Diseases. Funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), ERIC serves as an information resource for five members of the bacterial family Enterobacteriaceae.


Information on diarrheagenic E.coli as well as on the related pathogens Salmonella, Shigella, Yersinia enterocolitica, and Yersinia pestis. For comparative genomics purposes, ERIC also contains information on related organisms, such as other pathogenic strains and laboratory strains of E.coli.

Using ERIC


Access genome-specific information from list of genomes, using the ASAP system developed in Nicole Perna's lab at UWisconsin-Madison. ASAP allows community annotation of genes, which are subject to curation.


ERIC allows searching from the portal as well as from within the ASAP annotation subsystem.

Usage examples

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ERIC runs a JBoss portal on Sun hardware running Solaris, using Oracle 10g Enterprise Edition as the relational database. In addition to the ASAP genome annotation subsystem, ERIC allows genome visualization via the Open Source GBrowse application, genome comparison via Mauve, and microarray analysis using the mAdb system developed at NIH's Center for Information Technology.

ERIC recently added text mining of PubMed abstracts using SRA's NetOwl Extractor technology, which is based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) to extract entities, and more importantly relationships between these entities, from unstructured text.

Web Services/API

To be developed. Contact us for methods of direct interaction with ERIC systems.



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