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E. coli Genetic Stock Center (CGSC)


Coli Genetic Stock Center; strains and genetic information


John Wertz, Yale Univ.

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About E. coli Genetic Stock Center (CGSC)

The E. coli Genetic Stock Center (CGSC) houses a collection of approx 18,000 nonpathogenic E. coli strains (as of Fall 2007), and has provided lab strains and advice on strain choice and strain construction to the E. coli community since 1971. Although strains used to be provided free of charge to academic users, the stock center has recently instituted a very small subscription fee to help defray its operating costs, which are also supported by NSF. The CGSC is an PortEco partner site.


The content of the CGSC website includes information about the stock center and about how to order strains, but the meat of the website from a user perspective is a series of query pages that allow a user to hunt for strains in the CGSC collection that have a desired set of properties.

Using E. coli Genetic Stock Center (CGSC)


There is currently no easy way to browse through the CGSC collection. One can see large sets of strains in the collection, however by using the STRAIN query page to search for strains that are Hfr, F+, F-, or F'. This will yield a list of strain names without any description.


CGSC provides several different ways to search its strain collection. If a unique hit is found, CGSC displays the page for the appropriate strain. If more than one hit is found, CGSC displays a list of strain names found. A short description for each strain in these lists would be helpful; the user has to click each one to decide which is most appropriate.


The strain query is probably the most commonly used. Of special note is the set of "special use" strains that can be selected from a menu.


This allows the user to determine what mutant alleles are present in the collection


Gene Product


Usage examples

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