DH5alpha F(λ)

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Name DH5alpha F(λ)
Synonyms DH5αF(λ)
Genotype F+ Δ(argF-lac)169 φ80dlacZ58(M15) ΔphoA8 glnX44(AS) λ+ deoR481 rfbC1 gyrA96 recA1 endA1 thiE1 hsdR17
Phenotype nalidixic acid resistant
Sources LMBP 2846


Useful strain for Lacα complementation. This strain does not contain the lacIq gene and therefore repression on the lac promoter, present on high-copy plasmids, is incomplete.
This strain contains the F factor of NK3 and therefore can be used for infection with M13 or fd phages and derivatives. In addition the strain is lysogenic for wild-type phage λ.