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Description (originally from EcoCyc[1][2]) PII

Comments (originally from EcoCyc[1][2]) The protein PII plays a critical role in the regulation of nitrogen metabolism by controlling the level and activity of glutamine synthetase. At high nitrogen levels PII acts with adenylyltransferase to modify the glutamine synthetase subunits with adenylate and thus the enzyme is deactivated. At low nitrogen levels PII is uridylylated to form PII-UMP. PII-UMP interacts with adenylyltransferase to reconvert the modified glutamine synthetase to the active form. PII also has an effect on the transcription response activator, nitrogen regulator I-phosphate. The signalling role of PII in glutamine synthetase regulation involves at least five different protein-protein interactions. [3][4][5][6][7][8][9].


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