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Addgene hosts a vector database (a free digital collection of vector backbones assembled by Addgene from publications and commercially available sources) Click to search vector database now.


Addgene is a nonprofit global plasmid repository dedicated to helping scientists share their plasmids.


Do you use plasmids?

Join the non-profit plasmid sharing community. Visit to learn more, find plasmids, and start depositing!

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Addgene is a non-profit plasmid repository dedicated to collecting, curating, and distributing plasmids for use in academic and non-profit research to scientists around the world.

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About Addgene

Addgene is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making it easier for scientists to share plasmids.

Addgene is reaching this goal by operating a plasmid repository for the research community. We are working with thousands of laboratories to assemble a high-quality library of published plasmids for use in research and discovery. By linking plasmids with articles, scientists can always find data related to the materials they request.


Plasmid Repository

As of 2014, Addgene's repository stores and distributes over 30,000 plasmids, contributed by over 2,000 depositing labs. Addgene's collection contains plasmids used for a variety of functions such as genome engineering (including CRISPR systems), gene expression, shRNA knockdown, viral-mediated gene deliveray, detection of miRNA, and promoter activity.

The plasmid collection includes:

Tools and guides

Addgene's educational plasmid resource include guides, tools, and protocols created by Addgene and depositing labs to help scientists with their molecular biology experiments.

Molecular Biology Tools

Vector Database- A curated list of over 4,000 commonly used vector backbones, including relevant cloning information and bacterial growth conditions.

Sequence Analyzer- A software tool developed by Addgene to create plasmid maps from sequences with annotated features and restriction sites.

Molecular Biology Reference- A collection of references for commonly used molecular biology reagents, such as primers, restriction enzymes, and antibiotic concentrations.

Plasmid Cloning Guides

Molecular Cloning Guides- References to help scientists design their plasmid cloning experiments, including tutorials on restriction enzyme digestion and PCR-based cloning.

Molecular Cloning Protocols- Specific protocols for a variety of plasmid cloning techniques, such as isolation of bacterial colonies, DNA purification by gel electrophoresis, and bacterial transformation.

Using Addgene

Addgene's collection of plasmids has been assembled from research labs all over the world. If your lab receives requests for plasmids, consider depositing them to Addgene (learn more about depositing to Addgene).


Addgene's plasmid collection is easily navigated through search criteria. Popular searches include plasmid type, source popularity, selectable marker, bacterial resistance, and bacterial strain. Browse Plasmid Repository by plasmid function or type Browse Plasmid Repository.


Browse By Plasmid Type:

Mammalian Expression

Bacterial Expression


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Worm Expression

Insect Expression

Yeast Expression, E.Coli or yeast


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Search Addgene's collection by plasmid source, slectable marker, or bacterial resistance.


Additional Searches By:

Bacterial Resistance

Ampicillin; Kanamycin; Tetracycline; Chloramphenicol; Hygromycin; Spectinomycin; Gentamycin

Selectable Marker

Neomycin; Puromycin; Hygromycin; Zeocin; URA3; LEU2; TRP1;HIS3


Addgene; ATCC; BD Biosciences; Invitrogen; Novagen; Sigma; Stratagene