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Standard Name


Gene Synonym(s)

yccV, ECK0957, b0966, JW5970[1][2], JW5970

Product Desc.

heat shock protein, hemimethylated DNA-binding protein[2][3];

Component of heat shock protein, hemimethylated DNA-binding protein[3]

Heat shock protein involved in degradation of mutant DnaA; hemimethylated oriC DNA-binding protein; mutation suppresses some dnaA(Ts)[4]

Product Synonyms(s)

DNA-binding protein, hemimethylated[1], B0966[2][1], YccV[2][1], HspQ[2][1] , ECK0957, JW5970, yccV, b0966

Function from GO

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Knock-Out Phenotype

transcription unit(s): yccV[2]

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A mutation in hspQ allows some dnaA(Ts) strains to grow at 40C, and slows the degradation of DnaA508 at 40C. Despite forcing translation at the upstream start, some HspQ(YccV) protein likely initiating at this true start site was observed by d'Alencon et al. (2003). Binding to hemimethylated oriC is specific, but weak, possibly due to the extra 17 N-terminal residues on the purified HspQ(YccV). RpoH regulon.[4]


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