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Standard Name


Gene Synonym(s)

ECK0060, b0059, JW0058, rapA, yabA, hepA[1], hepA, yabA

Product Desc.

RNA Polymerase (RNAP)-binding ATPase and RNAP recycling factor[2][3]

RNA polymerase binding protein; mutants are UV-S; mutant biofilms have less polysaccharide and are antibiotic sensitive; ATPase and putative helicase[4]

Product Synonyms(s)

RNA polymerase-associated helicase protein (ATPase and RNA polymerase recycling factor)[1], B0059[2][1], YabA[2][1], RapA[2][1], RapA[2][1] , ECK0060, hepA, JW0058, yabA, b0059

Function from GO

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Knock-Out Phenotype

transcription unit(s): rluA[2], rapA[2]

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HepA has sequence similarity to SWI2/SNF2 helicases. hepA is downstream of polB, but is not under lexA control. The mutant phentypes may be indirect since other genes, e.g. yeeZ and aaeA(yhcQ), are downregulated in hepA(rapA) mutants (Lynch, 2007).[4]


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