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Standard Name


Gene Synonym(s)

yihE, ECK3851, b3859, JW3831, orfA[1][2], orfA

Product Desc.

cytoplasmic protein of low abundance[2]; serine/threonine protein kinase[3]

Thr/Ser kinase implicated in Cpx stress response[4]

Product Synonyms(s)

predicted kinase[1], B3859[2][1], OrfA[2][1], RdoA[2][1], YihE[2][1] , ECK3851, JW3831, orfA, yihE, b3859

Function from GO

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Knock-Out Phenotype

transcription unit(s): rdoA-dsbA[2], yihE-dsbA

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rdoA is required for long-term cell survival and for the expression of surface appendages (Zheng, 2007). The RdoA protein kinase may be involved in the regulation of the extracytoplasmic stress response in E. coli (Zheng, 2007). RdoA was identified as a weakly expressed 39 kDa cytoplasmic protein in E. coli (Belin, 1994). The rdoA gene is involved in viulence of Shigella flexerneri via its regulatory role of the gal operon during LPS synthesis; mutations in rdoA result in altered LPS structure (Edwards-Jones, 2004). RdoA is involved in relaying cpx-induced signals in Salmonella (Suntharalingam, 2003). rdoA is in an operon with dsbA in E. coli, but not directly involved in disulfide bond formation (Belin, 1994). A transcript array in Shigella shows major changes in a rdoA deletion strain (li, 2001). Cpx regulon.[4]


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