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Name DB3.1
Genotype gyrA462 endA1 ∆(sr1-recA) mcrB mrr hsdS20 glnV44 (=supE44) ara14 galK2 lacY1 proA2 rpsL20 xyl5 leuB6 mtl1
Phenotype Streptomycin resistant, ccdB resistant
Sources LMBP 4098
References PMID:1324324


DB3.1 is a HB101 derivative containing the gyrA462 allele which renders the strain resistant to the toxic effects of the ccdB gene.

Original Invitrogen catalogue number: 11782-018. However, this strain is no longer available at Invitrogen.
Alternative: ccdB-resistant One Shot® ccdB Survival™ 2 T1R Competent Cells, of which the ccdB-resistance mechanism is not known; it is based on empirical results and the success or failure of the transformation of the cells is plasmid-dependent.