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Standard Name


Gene Synonym(s)

ECK0020, b0019, JW0018, ant, antA, hyc[1]

Product Desc.

sodium/proton NhaA transporter[2][3]

Na+/H+ antiporter 1, strongly pH-dependent; helps regulate intracellular pH and extrude lithium; nhaA_P1 activated by NhaR, repressed by H-NS and stimulated by Na(+)[4]

Product Synonyms(s)

sodium-proton antiporter[1], B0019[2][1], Hyc[2][1], Ant[2][1], AntA[2][1], NhaA[2][1] , ant, antA, ECK0020, JW0018, b0019

Function from GO

<GO_nr />

Knock-Out Phenotype

transcription unit(s): nhaA[2], OP00281

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